Can Technology Defeat Death?

Transhumanists think that humanity is approaching the Singularity, a point in time when virtual immortality will be realised and AI will start to outperform human intelligence. Singularity advocates believe that this occurrence would not only provide us immortality via technical methods, but will also allow us to coexist with super-intelligent artificial entities. Will mankind’s beliefs of dying have to evolve, or even be discarded entirely, in a society where technological innovations are altering our existence at an unprecedented rate, and many anticipate that mankind will transcend human mortality over the next 30 years? It’ll have to be a little amount of both, as per transhumanism.

What is Cryogenic Preservation?

Another popular transhumanist goal is to have the body and/or brain frozen after mortality. Cryonics/cryogenic suspension/cryogenic preservation are all terms for the same concept. These are individuals who, following clinical death, permit themselves to freeze. People have the option of selecting to freeze the entire body or simply the head. Many who have had this treatment wish to be thawed if science has advanced to the extent that their illness can be healed. Around 400–500 people are presently living in a cryogenic state all around the planet. Cryonauts are individuals who freeze themselves (the complete head or only the body). The notion that their existence has been postponed instead of terminated is the cause for this.

What is Cryogenic Vitrification?

Vitrification is really a cryopreservation technique that allows hydrated active cells to be refrigerated at cryogenic temperatures without the use of ice. Vitrification streamlines and often enhances cryopreservation by removing possible damage from ice, the necessity to seek optimised refrigeration and heating rates, the significance of different optimal refrigeration and heating rates for cells in blended cell type populaces, and the need to locate an often flawed negotiation between solution impacts on injury and intracellular ice-formation. However, it worsens the osmotic impact of exposure and withdrawing cryoprotective substances and increases the potential of cryoprotectant poisoning. Luckily, over the last 30 years, a great number of modifications towards the latter concern have been identified, and the earlier issue can usually be removed or sufficiently regulated by paying close attention to technique.

Most Well-known Cryonauts

A lot of well-known people are in cryogenic stasis. Stephen Coles is a scientist, Hal Finney is a computer scientist, Ted Williams is a baseball player, and Fereidoun M. Esfandiary is an Iranian writer. Because of his ardent belief that the issue of impending death will be overcome in 2030, the latter’s name has been altered to FM-2030. Ray Kurzweil, Peter Thiel, and musical icons Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Simon Cowell are among the notable global celebrities on the lists. The storey of Jeffrey Epstein is the most unique. After his incarceration, it was revealed that he sought to cryogenically preserve both his genitals and his brain.

Risks Associated with Cryopreservation

You run extra hazards if you are frozen/awake, on top of the scientific and technical criticisms of the operation. The following is an overview, along with a short description of how cryonauts plan to mitigate that risk.


Several firms failed to pay their costs in the 1970s, following which the frozen individuals were defrosted and are believed to have been buried. As a result, Alcor, for instance, has established a foundation that must safeguard the corporation’s economic stability for the duration of its existence.

Natural calamities

Alcor claims it chose Scottsdale as its headquarters because it has the most minimum danger of natural calamities.

Legal Complications

From a political and/or legal standpoint, the actions can be stopped. In 2004, the state of Arizona, for instance, attempted to enact a new legislation requiring Alcor to follow certain rules. As a consequence, it may be forced to cease operations.


What responsibility does humanity’s future generations bear for the people who’ve been frozen? It’s possible that they’ve lost interest and have decided to halt the process. Advocates of cryopreservation believe that this will be similar to how we currently manage coma patients.

Cyborgs: Not just Science-Fiction Anymore

A cyborg, which is a combination of the words cybernetic and organism, is a person who has both biomechatronic and biological body parts. The term “cyborg” does not mean “bionic,” “biorobot,” or “android.” It refers to a creature that has regained functionality or gained new capabilities as a result of the integration of a synthetic element or innovation that depends on feedback. Although cyborgs are most frequently associated with mammals, such as humans, they could theoretically be any type of life.

What is a Cyborg?

A individual with a manmade pacemaker or an embedded cardioverter-defibrillator, for instance, would be regarded a cyborg because these technologies quantify voltages and currents in the body, execute signal processing, and therefore can transmit electrical stimulation, all while relying on this synthesised feedback loop to keep the individual alive. Virtual tattoo interfacing, for example, are theoretical technologies that would combine cosmetic procedure aesthetically with interaction and utility, introducing a transhumanist lifestyle into the current age.

What is the B-Primo Posthuman?

Natasha Vita-More developed the Primo Posthuman concept. It’s a framework for a “platform-independent physique,” as she puts it. A compact humanoid gadget has totally supplanted the human figure.This gadget has a “more strong, sturdy, and agile body with competitive advantage and a contemporary architecture,” according to the manufacturer. The device’s motivation and command come from an uploaded consciousness that isn’t bound to any specific hardware. It has a meta-brain (for internet connection) with a neocortex machine learning prostheses with nano-bots, smart epidermis that can withstand the sunlight with biosensors for changeable colour and texture, and extremely precise sensations.

Hive-Mind: The Movie Matrix gets Real?

The term “hive mind” comes from the bug world. This integrates digital and physical minds to form a collective brain/consciousness, as per this notion. People grow stronger by integrating our mental capabilities effectively, just like a bee could not do much on its own. Elon Musk and Zoltan Istvan, two prominent transhumanists, believe that human intellect will ultimately triumph over superintelligence in the guise of robots and automation. We could only equip ourselves as individuals here by forming a connection of people’s brains and using artificial intelligence technologies

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